Version 2.0 Product Update 1A

We’re happy to annouce Product Update 1A for IMan containing a total of 25 fixes and 25 enhancements.

Installation Instructions

To install this update download the latest build, and uninstall the existing version and install the new version.


  • Xml Reader – Documents with DTDs can now be imported whereas previously a security exception would be generated.
  • Trace and debugging options have now been added to app.config for new installs. These trace options allow you to capture calls made by the various connectors for debugging purposes.
  • By default the traces are all disabled.
  • The trace entries are documented within app.config.
  • Existing installations will not be updated and will need to be updated manually should any traces require enabling.
  • Sage300 Connector – Following enhancements and additions have been made:
    • P/O Receipts – Can now be updated.
    • P/O Receipts – ‘Orderless’ receipts can now be imported.
    • P/O Receipts – Now support serial & lot number tracking and PJC integration.
    • O/E Orders – Can now specify Order Source.
    • O/E Shipments – Improvements to strategy used to update existing O/E Shipments. See breaking changes above.
    • O/E Shipments – ‘Orderless’ shipments can now be imported.
    • O/E Shipments – Now support serial & lot number tracking and PJC integration.
    • A/P Recurring Payables – A new import for recurring payables has been added.
    • A/R Recurring Charges – A new import for recurring charges has been added.
  • Sage200 Connector – Improved memory handling and usage to workaround deficiency within Sage200.
  • Sage300 Connector – Improved error handling for O/E Prepayments when an invalid bank code is supplied.
  • Improve memory usage when using the System Connector screen when in the Designer.
  • CSV Reader & Writer – Now use a comma (,) as a default delimiter on initial setup.
  • For Internet Explorer users, Compatibility mode is now forced off & further compatibility enhancement for HTML 5.
  • Improve performance of the System Connector/Transform UI resulting in between 100-300% quicker screen refreshes.
  • SageCRM Connector – Add property to force selection of all fields in top level entity to work around SageCRM SData deficiency.
  • SageCRM Connector – Improve performance for SageCRMLookup functionality by retrieving only fields to be returned in lookup.
  • Faster load times for the Setup tab.
  • Improved styling for hierarchical datasource detection.


  • Scheduler – Fixed DBNull error when modifying existing schedules.
  • Scheduler – Prevents start & end date/time controls from being cleared on Schedule setup.
  • Transform Write (CSV, Excel, DB & Fixed With) Setup Screens would change from edit mode to non-edit mode when changing pages.
  • Fix frame on designer not to extend below the screen following HTML5 compatibility changes.
  • Sage300 Connector – Object Required error on G/L Import.
  • Invalid column name error when deleting job.
  • Sage200 Connector icon was not disabled when not licensed.
  • Several documentation fixups & improvements.
  • Resolve licensing error for single integration licenses.
  • Resolve Job Hash Validation error on 1, 2, 3 integration licenses.
  • Error Report control now shows scroll bars for HTML5 compliant browsers.
  • Resolve the following error on Counter generation. ‘Column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition.’
  • Add country field to details capture on License screen.
  • Fix parameter exception in Sage200 connector when creating consolidated invoices of more than 2100 orders.
  • Resolve date corruption within Date controls within web UI when system date format uses a 12-hour date style.
  • Resolve script load issue for Lookup Table Definition screen.
  • Resolve StaleObjectException on Membership/User class. This particular error would cause the whole UI and application pool to enter an invalid state where no more connections could be made. Other error manifestations: ‘Report Group selected index was out of range’.
  • DBReader – A SQL statement with top in the SQL would generate an invalid syntax error when run in design mode.
  • Altering the record id would not always propagate through to child transforms causing corruption to the job confirmation.
  • Flatten Transform would lose selected fields where there were multiple fields with the same name.
  • Mapping would be lost on System Connector transforms where the incoming record Id was the same as the mapped-to record Id.
  • Implement maximum field lengths for form fields on all screens within Setup area.
  • Resolve authentication issue when sending emails to specifically configured mail servers for the email task.
  • Allow grids to be double-clicked.
  • SageCRM Connector – Duplicate entries in picklist would cause an ArgumentException when building the Picklist Cache. This workarounds minor cases where there are multiple options (erroneously) within a pick list of the same value.
  • Improve checking for windows operating system & conditional switch off for session logout.