Small-medium enterprises need to integrate their applications. Company expansion, acquisitions, change of focus and the quest for operational efficiency requires that data is available and accessible in the relevant form. To meet this demand organisations require cost-effective, efficient and maintainable integration of their systems.

IMan provides your organisation, with a platform to rapidly and seamlessly integrate your business systems. CRM, Web Order Entry, Warehouse Management & Stock Control, Point of Sale and almost any third party system can be integrated with your Accounting/ERP system. In the latest version of IMan we’ve added 75 new features and enhancements to almost every area of IMan.

Intuitive Integration Designer

Integration Designer

Realisable IMan provides you with a simple to use graphical interface to design and maintain your integration projects.

  • Graphical – IMan’s design surface is a drag and drop Visio style diagram.
  • Preview – View the results of each transformation step as you build the integration job.
  • Consistency – A clear & consistent interface reduces the amount of time required to learn our system.

Data Capabilities

Realisable IMan is capable of handling a wide range of data. Transform Setup

  • Complete Customisability – Chainable data transformations support the most complex data transformations. IMan provides data-shaping, sorting, filtering, aggregation, formula/scripting, lookups and dataset splitting capabilities.
  • Hierarchical Data – Almost all data, whether it be transactional or master data is hierarchical. IMan has been architected to support multi-level hierarchical data from source to endpoint. IMan provides the transformations necessary to manipulate and shape data to and from heirarchical formats.
  • Dual Direction – Integrate into and extract from applications.
  • Non-Data Activities – IMan supports FTP, File System Manipulation, Email, Scripting & Process execution.

Application Integration

Application ConnectorIMan provides deep, seamless and code-free integration into your ERP/Accounting and CRM systems. We support both transactional and master data and each of our application connectors provide a simple and coherent integration.

  • We rationalise each of the application touchpoints by smoothing the inconsistencies of the native interface to provide common feel and use.
  • A simple mapping exercise sets incoming fields onto the ERP/Application field.
  • Key data can be written back from the application back to the dataset for auditing and/or subsequent transformation activities.

Audit and Compliance

Scheduling and Audit

Application integration requires traceability and reconcilability. IMan provides a rich feature set allowing definition of the audit and log trail for each integration project. Audit reports are generated with each job facilitating quick and easy reconciliation of your data.

  • Each transformation step allows you to define to the field level which data requires logging, and tracing.
  • Statistical meta-data such as records read, processed, rejected, etc is maintained with each job and transformation.


IMan allows integration jobs to be run on an ad-hoc, event driven and schedule basis.